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"I’m telling you, when I read the script, and I was like “This is going to be great.”  I was like, “But four girls?  This is going to be a nightmare.”  But I’m telling you, it is the perfect experience.  We’re not all necessarily best friends off set, but we all respect each other.  We all get along.  And it’s sort of we go there, everyone’s professional, everyone’s ready to work and excited about it.   But, yeah, we did.  We spent our first Thanksgiving together.  So it’s been three years this past Thanksgiving that we’ve done the show.  And it’s just great, you know.  I love the people I work with, and I couldn’t ?? we’re very, very lucky. I think that the reason we all get along is because we all look very different.  I think we’re all going to have very different careers.  And I think we’ve realized what we have to offer.  But Ashley is definitely the girl that I’ll talk about clothes with or about guys or something, so she’s like my little gossip friend. Shay is into philanthropy work.  She’s really big into charity.  But she’s also good at home decor, so she’s always on Pinterest, and so we’ll talk about that.  And then Troian is just brilliant.  She’s very intelligent.  She’s the friend that I’ll go to, to talk to about deeper stuff, I guess.  So it’s fun to have a lot of different types of friends.  It’s a good group of people." - Lucy Hale

Top 20 PLL Ships as voted by my followers
↳ #09 (1/2). Toby Cavanaugh and Emily Fields

"I always pictured you as more of the cute werewolf type."




get to know me meme - (2/5) favorite male characters

Ezra Fitz(gerald)

Life isn’t always romantic. Sometimes, it’s realistic.

what makes it okay is that we stick together.

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